I was born on Sunday. That's why it's hard to me to wake up early in the morning.
My parents gave me different opportunities.
Sailing school was a wonderful experience. I wasn't so bad as basketball player. Gymnastic wasn't a great idea.
At the age of 7 I started to play piano.
When I was 14 I realized that it wasn't easy to bring a piano to the beach to have parties with friends. I learned to play guitar. Only blues and rock songs; my friends complained about that. They were expecting me to play Italian pop songs. They loved me anyway.
Lessons at high school were boring, sometimes. Finger tapping on the desk was a good way to keep awake. That's how I started to play drums.
Probably I started to sing when it was too late. When you are young you have capability but you don't have perseverance. When you grow up things turn upside down. If you understand it you can still find doors opened.
Mixing music is a good way to put together technical issues and creativity. It's like putting together a shy nerd with a junkie rocker. When I mix music both sides of me are happy.
I really didn't know what to say when people asked me: " so, you play music, don't you?" . I made an album, playing all the instruments and singing. I mixed it. Now I know what to say to the question above.
I did it. It took years. But I'm done. Happy.

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